DENISE LYNCH – Ceramic Artist

Growing up on the shores of Nova Scotia, there was always a patch of dark red clay to be found when the tide went out. I’d dig it up, take it home and make gifts for those I cherished. Today, I continue in that tradition and create timeless pieces to share with you.

My pieces are inspired by rhythmic patterns of scrolling and interlacing lines with finishes that invoke an old-world aesthetic.

During the making process, as forms are created, they call to complementary shapes and decoration. I would state that “the piece designs itself, I just show up”. Bronze, gold, silver, satin, charcoal, old white and mother of pearl are among my favorite glazes as they compliment the timelessness of the scrollwork designs.

I am a juried member of Craft Nova Scotia, member of the Nova Scotia Potters Guild and Creative Pictou County.