Recipe - Celadon Glaze

Celadon originated in China and some wares that have been discovered date back to the Eastern Han Dynasty (the second imperial dynasty of China), from around 25 to 220 AD.

The symbolism of jade includes status, spirituality, purity and health. Celadon came about from years of master potters trying to replicate jade’s exquisite coloring for ceramics. The green/blueish coloring typifies nature and is hard to recreate, making it both mysterious and beautiful at the same time.

Celadon Glaze Recipe - Cone 6

46.16 Kona F-4 Feldspare (minespar)

3.30 Talc

14.29 Whiting

6.40 EPK

13.33 Frit 3134

16.52 Flint

2.24 Tin Oxide

4.37 Zinc Oxide

1.07 Black Copper Oxide